Our Story...

Taira Pastry is the pastry arm of 7th Heaven Collective. We are known for our Artisan Tartlets, Festive Cookies and Customised Theme Cakes.

Taira stands for 平 in Japanese, which means balance in Mandarin.

We believe that life is all about balancing. In our fast pace city life we tend to always be in a rush and we often feel stress and anxious.

We hope to use our products as a reminder of the little moments in life that brings us joy.

​Take a break if you need to, breathe and take it slow, sit down and enjoy some comfort desserts.

Send your love ones some of these goodies too, to remind them to enjoy the little moments in life.


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Watch to find out more about how we got started: 

  • Makan, chill, it's a deal!

    Cafe in the day, music bar at night, with 15 private karaoke rooms. Best known as the place for celebration. 

  • One-Stop Party Solution

    All-in-one event related services such as dessert table, wedding decoration, balloons and many more!

  • Plant Power Drinks!

    Delicious freshly made nutmilk as the best alternative to cow's milk! The eco-warrior that provides milk-man delivery system.